Blog Week 118: Break a log.

Sunday 24 February 20.53

I think Mockney still keeps in contact with Barbie. On Friday he told me Bill has apparently broken his leg skiing. I guess that is how Mockney must know. Unless he too intends to follow Hairy and jump ship. It also explains why Barbie, in her condition, was supposed to be heading off to the ski slopes at the start of her maternity leave.

Monday 25 February 22.43

Mockney was totally frantic this afternoon. Something to do with a problem with one of our servers. I don't understand Geek-speak, let alone when spoken in a strange Brussels English dialect, but some log file had been corrupted and needed fixed. I made a joke about broken logs but he was too stressed to appreciate it. As he was dealing with the problem he kept worrying about whether the cause was internal or external. Something is going on and I am glad not to be involved.

Tuesday 26 February 21.45

Calamity James was wondering about the office clutching a bottle of milk. He looked like he had been out on the razz again. Only a few eyebrows were raised but no one said anything. At least to his face.

Wednesday 27 February 23.17

Another day, another pitch, another dollar? Yep another pitch is coming up and no I am not involved this time (thankfully). I never really knew much about these pitches before. Now it feels like there is a mini-wave of them.

Neanderthal cannot participate this time as something dramatic has happened to one of our clients and he has to visit them asap. So our Highly-Paid Nobody will be attending in his place.

HPN is not sure what to do and so is letting Shakespeare take the lead. Shakespeare loves that. His chance to shine in the spotlight. I heard them practising in one of the conference rooms this afternoon. They sounded quite good.

Thursday 28 February 22.24

I came across Shakespeare and HPN as they were leaving for the pitch this morning. "Break a leg" I whispered to Shakespeare. He winked back and then smiled. You can see how he grows when he knows the spotlight is about to shine on him.


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