A Practical Guide to EU Law Approximation and Impact Assessment

Date: 26 November 2018

Time: 08:30

Duration: 4 days

Location: Luxembourg

Cost: € 1750

Organiser: European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA)

Web Link: https://www.eipa.eu/product/eu-law-approximation-and-impact-assessment-4-day-course/


“Do all EU legal acts need to be transposed into national law? How do I do it?”
“How to avoid overlap or conflict with other national legislation, while implementing EU laws?”
“What is ‘gold plating’, in the context of EU law approximation, and how can I avoid it?”

Knowledge and competencies in aspects like these are critical to ensure that you implement a EU directive or regulation at the national level in a correct, timely, effective, and cost-efficient way.

This 4-day course is a comprehensive guide covering all steps of the EU law approximation process from start to finish. From the adoption of the EU legislative act, to its implementation, and finally, to the measurement of its impact.